Sunday, 8 December 2013

Seed Failure as well as Greenhouse Failure

Seed Failure as well as Greenhouse Failure

Back in October I sowed Skirret, Cauliflower, Spring Onions and a few other things as a test. The Skirret seeds were old and I wasn't too sure if they were viable but regardless of what I was hoping to achieve mice had other ideas. They dug up and destroyed all the seed trays.

The Teasel may survive but little else will.

On top of the mice the wind we had at the same time as the tide surge peaked at 42mph in the sheltered area where the greenhouse is and it blew out two panes allowing the wind and cold in. Not a good situation!

Greenhouse is repaired but any more seed experiments will now have to wait until the Spring obviously.

On a brighter note the Broadbeans I sowed outside from this years saved seed are doing very well but the Broadbean seed taken from the packet (same variety) have almost totally failed. One or 2 germinated but were attacked by birds but all others failed. This must say something. One set was my fresh seed the other set was same seed but bought and used for the previous sowing that produced my fresh seed.

Stuttgart Onions, both beds are doing OK apart from the fact that the rabbits have attacked them although not too badly.

The veg patch and the whole field are looking very drab and untidy so the next few weeks will need to be used to clean up, if for no other reason than the aesthetics.