2015 Productivity

Total growing space = 150m2
Total produce harvested so far = 460kg

Productivity = 3.06kg/m2

Productivity per acre = 12.56kg = 12.5 tonnes

If you work out the price per KG of organic vegetables for each item we grow then so far we have saved ourselves over £1,686 compared to if we had bought the produce from supermarkets this year. (Up to October 2015)

Getting a calorie figure from Google per KG of each food we have produced 251,843 calories. If you use 1,500 calories per day for an average person's needs (other calories obtained elsewhere) then we have grown 168 days of calories. (family needs 2,190,000 calories per year). We have grown 11.4% of the calories we need. It does suggest that we have enough land to produce the amount of food we need but are a long way off from achieving it.

Most of the produce we have either eaten, frozen, dried, stored or sold with very little waste.

We harvested almost nothing January to May because we had no winter greens or salads which this year we have sown in the Poly Tunnel.