Seed Saving

We've never really saved our own seeds but more effort is being put into this area. I'll regularly update this page to show which seeds we have managed to save and how successful each have been.

Seeds already saved

Corn Cockle Wild Flowers - these have been very easy and successful. We bought a packet in 2013 and have since managed to keep them going ever since. (Post about Corn Cockle Seeds)

Poppies - Bought a packet in 2013 and have managed to have lots of poppies since

OCA - given some tubers by Anni Kelsey in 2014, these grew, some tubers have been saved and some were left in the ground over winter. Both have survived in the ground and in the greenhouse.

Salsify - given some seed by Anni Kelsey which were planted in 2014, left to flower in 2015 and these seeds have just been saved. Will be re-sown and grown up in the greenhouse.

Fritilary (Snakes Head) - several bulbs were planted and failed so I bought a flowering plant from a garden centre. This was planted in 2013 and produced seed in 2015. The seeds have been kept and will be sown within one month of harvesting in the green house.

Wild Garlic Mustard (Jack by the hedge) - found growing in the garden. Have kept some seed (June 2015) but these may be too immature so will collect more seed in a few weeks. Will sow in greenhouse and try to make them into a crop.

Potatoes - bought some in 2013 which were very successful, saved some and replanted in spring 2014 which grew very well but became either a bit water logged or suffered from blight. Have re-bought various types (2015) and will try again.

Broad bean - bought in 2013 and resown in 2014. Very successful - forgot to save seed in 2014 so have bought some more for 2015

Runner Bean - bought in 2013 and sown in 2014. Grew until slugs got them.

Seeds that will be saved (2015)

We have the following in flower waiting for the seeds to be produced:


Seeds that have self seeded

Seeded without any effort what so ever.

Ox Eye Daisey
Pumpkin - several pumpkins that started to rot in storage were thrown out on to a veg bed.
Tomatoes - 3 self seeded outdoors and have produced fruit