Thursday, 27 March 2014

Comparing the past - March

Comparing the past

One of the things I've done since moving into our home is to take a photo from the same position every few days so I can compare our little field as time goes by. In the beginning this was very ad-hoc but as each month goes by it becomes more and more of a habit. So much so that it's almost a daily routine, get up and take photo from window.  

Something I've observed recently is that this year the leaves on the hawthorn trees in the field next to us started to show during the first week of March. Looking back over last year's photos the leaves didn't show until during the end of the first and beginning of the second week of April. Can't be any more specific as I was only taking a photo each week this time last year. Approximately 4 weeks ahead this year.

There is a stark difference between 24th March last year and the same day this year. Last year saw a covering of snow and this year saw a very mild frost. 

24th March 2013
The main reason for taking pictures is to see and compare the progress of what we are doing.  
24th March 2014

Click to enlarge photos to see more detail.

The main difference is the 2 large veg beds bottom middle and on the right. The caravan (out of shot) which was the chicken shed and lean to shed have gone and chickens moved to top left. There is also young hedge trees on the left boundary that we planted. Fruit garden made and fenced in. The pond wasn't finished this time last year where as this year the wild flowers are already growing. 8 more trees and a few fruit bushes have gone in in front of chickens and a herb patch top right next to manure heap.

Veg patches to the left and the greenhouse are out of shot.

Onions, some potatoes, broad beans, Broccoli that were Autumn sown are well on their way.

Raspberry canes planted along main path to chickens and willow planted around circular kids den area top middle to form a dome as well as a Willow screen in front of chickens and in front of pond have also been planted. Along with a horseshoe line of more Raspberries - it'll be interesting to see these grow as they'll break up the field and give some height to what is currently a rather flat area.

I'm really looking forward to comparing the prettiest month of July because last year was wonderful and with all the extra flowers, trees, veg and fruit planted this year should be far better. 

Hopefully I'll manage to compare each month and by the end of the year I will produce a time lapse video of the field from the start.

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