Saturday, 21 March 2015

Raspberries, Worms & Frog spawn

Frogs Spawn - 21st March

Frog Spawn
Even though we have had hundreds of frogs and some toads in the field last year they didn't spawn and I introduced some tadpoles that a friend's daughter got. She was going to keep them in a bowl for a bit of fun but I gave them a better home. This year there is a lot of spawn. It would be nice to see some toad spawn and I'll have to keep fingers crossed.

Malling Leo Raspberry bed
Yet another raspberry bed. 10 plants go in today since you can't have too many raspberries and the digging will also help drainage and fertility. 5 wheel barrows of manure mixed with the clay should hopefully break it up a lot but judging by other beds it'll take another year or 2 of manure mulching to make the soil better.

I'm still at a loss as to why people buy worms for a wormery. Simply put a load of manure on the ground, wait a couple of months and before you know it you have hundreds upon hundreds of worms. One spadeful alone must have had well over 50 worms. A barrow load taken from a worm rich seam must have had several hundred.

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