Monday, 9 May 2016

Leeks and weights

Leeks and weights

Late summer I sowed a row of leeks and forgot to transplant and thin them. They grew bunched and uneven sizes but we have managed to pull up a few here and there during the last couple of months but today they have started too look a bit tatty. I've pulled them all up so as to dig that bed.

3.6kg of leek. The late sowing was well worth doing.

Potato and leek soup looks to be on the menu.

That takes the total of produce harvested this year, so far, to just under 47kg.

Last year I didn't total up the harvest month by month until June but we're already 20kg up and it is looking like we'll be 40kg up by the end of May. As long as the fox doesn't strike us, with eggs alone we should be able to add 250kg in total compared to last year so my target of 750kg being harvested from the garden is well on course. Providing I over come the slug problem the amount of Cauliflower, Green headed Broccoli, various Cabbage and runner beans should take us well over although that probably counts as counting chickens before they have hatched!

The problem of growing things bigger in pots before planting out to beat the slugs is now causing a big problem. Sweet corn must go out today and the next batch of runner beans must go into the ground just to free up pots to sow other seeds in the greenhouse.

Pot bound Sweetcorn. Another group of them are a week behind these ones
Runner beans will be pot bound in a few days. There are 3 lots of beans all at different stages as I'm still sowing some each time a pot becomes available. Cape Gooseberries need separating and potting up urgently also. I'm hoping to have a few plants in the polytunnel as well as a row of 20 outside.

Tomatoes are pot bound as We've only managed to pot up 20% of them and this year  we have sown hundreds with the hope of selling some young plants plus the tomato sauce made last year for Pizza toppings worked a treat and stores well in jars. Much more of that this year.

The photos only show a small amount of what we have sown. There are trays and trays all over the place. 

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