Saturday, 19 October 2013

Seeds - Germinated


A quick check in the greenhouse today has shown that the Corn Cockles that were sown from our own seed the other day have all started rooting. A check outside in the Onion bed showed that the second batch of Onions is growing as is the Broad Beans.

Updated 23 Oct 2013
Every single Corncockle seed taken from seed heads of this years flowers have germinated in the greenhouse. Also many many seeds have germinated outside on bare soil. All seedlings have a good strong 2 leaves.


The Beans that have started growing were our own seed that was simply taken from pods we had missed and that had dried either on the ground or on the plant.

Updated 23 Oct 2013
Interestingly the seed from my own plants that I sowed has germinated and has leaves. The same type sown on the next bed taken from the original seed hasn't yet germinated. 

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