Sunday, 13 October 2013

Water Management

The water butt by the side of the stables has now filled to 80% and will overflow later today. Yesterday's 24hr rainfall of 13.5mm has over the evening and night now has risen to 25.5mm by 9am.

Drainage channel
An inch of rain in 24hrs and the drainage channel dug yesterday evening to take water away from the shed has only partly worked and now needs extending and a deeper hole digging.

The plan is now to not only dig a hole but also make the channel deep enough to take a pipe so it can be covered over at some point.

A day of digging in the rain seems called for but also more thought on the water butt storage idea.

Update 2016
Forgot to update to say that I continued the trench another couple of feet and found a land drain pipe. It all drained off immediately and had not flooded since,

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