Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Autumn Sowing

Autumn Sowing

Normally I'm a little late with sowing in the Autumn but this year I'm ready!

Some field beans are now sown from seed saved from this years crop and I will do more in another week or two.

Two bulbs of Germidour Garlic (red garlic) have gone in. These are large and can be colourful but since each clove is also large I only got about 20 cloves. These are the far side of the leeks.

The other side of the leeks are the field beans, then I've sown a mixture of red, white and golden onions - no names - just a cheap "Wilo" 50 set. I've always been impressed with Wilko Onions but have never known what they are :) probably different every year!

Next to them are 2 beds of Wilko Japanese Onions (100 sets) and last of all, and closest to the camera are another 3 garlic bulbs split into about 50 (didn't count) of Allium Sativum Casablanca. A pinkish garlic.

Hopefully next week I'll get some large white garlic to go in as well as some of this years crop that was saved.

This bed has just been dug over and had potatoes in before. Last year I had placed about 2 feet deep of manure over the entire bed and that seems to have made the soil very workable. Still some clay clods in it but another year or so and I think this bed will have the best soil of the entire field.

The rest of this bed, in front of camera and to the left, still has a squash and a couple of sprouts in it so has been left. Half of it is empty and only had a little manure last year so this part has now had another 4 barrow loads heaped on top and left to rot down for the winter.

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