Saturday, 19 September 2015

New seeds and planning early

New seeds and planning early

We've been planning for the spring because most years we leave it late and when the time comes we forget to do or buy all the things we wanted to. Now, as soon as I thing of something to try, I'm buying it! Just have to remember to be organised enough not to lose them.

Lemon grass seeds. Something different to try. 
Lettuce Saladin seeds.
Broccoli green sprouting - this and the lettuce came free with other seeds.
Bolt hardy Beetroot - lots of seeds because we never have enough seed.
Fennel Florence - we already have the other type of fennel.

Strawberry Spinach. Spinach sells well and we eat a fair amount. This type not only has edible leaves but also edible berries. The berries are said to be a bit bland but as a different variety it may open up other possibilities and may prove interesting.

Climbing Strawberries - the idea being they will extend the season and produce a lot more fruit for the space. Could also be an interesting garden feature.

Another plan is to get a Poly-tunnel in the next few weeks to extend the season and try other plants. Lemon grass won't survive outside but it might just work in a Poly-tunnel, although may still require protecting, and may be able to stay in situ. The problem with the greenhouse, apart from being a bit small for us, is that everything goes into pots and requires watering or feeding. The Poly-tunnel will allow us to still grow in the soil where watering isn't so much of an issue but also free up the greenhouse for seedlings which may allow us to achieve successive sowing, something we always fail to do partly because the greenhouse is full of tomatoes and there isn't enough room to work in there potting up etc.

This year we weren't geared up for selling enough produce and as the Autumn and Winter approach it is clear that we will be missing out selling produce. Next year we need to scale up more and extend the season at both ends. Better planning and more under cover space will be needed.

The Alford Country Market is proving to be a good place to sell things people can't easily buy elsewhere and speciality produce like Bulb Fennel, Spinach, Lemon Grass, Kale and produce grown without any chemicals is likely to do well.

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