Wednesday, 30 March 2016



It's that time of year again.

Last year, a milestone was reached with the pond. This year the frogs have appeared about a week later but there are even more of them. Also, most of the frogs are at the opposite end of the pond compared to last year. No idea why, but no doubt there is a good reason.

March 30 2016

The most frogs I managed to capture, within one photo, last year was 50. This year I think that there is 85 in this photo. Across the whole pond I think there were approx 100 frogs seen at any one time. Probably a lot more still hidden.

High concentration of frogs
I was speaking to a Wildlife chap the other month and he was telling me that this sort of sight has become increasingly unusual. He hadn't seen such a concentration of frogs for years so I think we're very fortunate to see this.

At times most of the frogs are within a 2 feet square area and the water boils as they tumble and turn.

The reason we are doing particularly well with the frogs is because the garden is damp and boggy in patches with a lot of long tufty grass. Also being surrounded by fields, ditches, other ponds and small lakes near by.


  1. Hi Andy that looks amazing!

  2. I agree with anni, it is amazing. I'd love a pond but the wife is very much against any standing water in the garden in case mosquitos show up. I'm hoping that a birdbath with frequently changed water might raise less objections and still have some wildlife value, I'm just waiting for the right moment to suggest it.

  3. I don't have Mosquito problems. There are plenty of larvae at times but the solar fountain keeps the water moving, newts, dragon and mayfly larvae must eat some as well as the pond being subject to wind which moves the surface. Swallows and House Martins during the summer and loads of birds all year seem to do a good job at keep the Mosquitoes at bay. This is the fourth year and I've never had an issue, so much so that I hadn't thought of it before.

    I think the main thing is standing water although my water butts also haven't been an issue.

    Certainly a bird bath size, with a small solar panel fountain will cure any problem on that scale I think. A small bird bath with a small fountain will have other issues though. The fountain, with some wind, will empty a shallow bath place the large surface area will evaporate quickly.

    I think a healthy balanced pond with all that comes along wildlife wise plus water movement is all you need to avoid Mosquitoes being a problem.

    1. I agree completely, for me mosquitos are at worst a temporary problem until the predators ramp up. The neighbours have a small stream in their garden and frogs come from that direction every year, so I expect they'd move in pretty quickly.

      Unfortunately the other half is a bit of an insectophobe and might never enter the garden again if she thought there might be mosquitos there.