Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Garden waste

Garden waste

Apart from being a manure dumping ground for the local stables I also tell neighbours that I'll accept their green waste. It all composts, helps them out and I also benefit but when a neighbour turns up with eight builders (1 sq metre) bags of shredded Conifer tree cuttings the initial thought was bordering on shock.

I had only put two barrow loads on the compost heap when I realised that these shreddings may well be the answer to my biggest two problems. Firstly the paths get a bit water logged and muddy and secondly the grass does its best to swamp the young hedge around the garden.

Hedge line with sapplings
Holding back the neighbours weeds plus the vigorous grass as can be seen in the photo is a challenge.

Hedge line after shreddings applied
The shreddings piled several inches deep should keep down the grass.

Main path to chickens covered
Apart from covering 2 sides of the little field for the hedge there was also plenty to cover the main path leading to the chickens. This path has become a bog. Enlarging the photos by clicking on them makes it easier to see. 

Now I'm left wishing I had another 8 bags!

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