Monday, 27 March 2017



It's normally mid May before I get the tomatoes into the final pots but this year not only have I potted them up from a module pack to pots but also from the pots to large pots and it isn't even April yet.

It seems like only 5 minutes ago I was taking the seedlings out of the modules and potting up to 3 and 4 inch pots but yesterday I took a Tomato out of it's pot to check on the roots only to find they were almost root bound. The roots were swirling around the bottom of the pots.

March 8th 2017
The seedlings have gone from this...

March 25th 2017
To this ....

26th March 2017

To this, in little over 3 weeks. What a difference extra light and a small heater along with mild weather make!

The larger, odd shaped pots are ones I'm keeping with the rest hoping to be sold on the market from next week for people with greenhouses.

The grow lamp claimed to make tomatoes stronger, with bigger main stems and bushier not only with the extra light but with the combination or more red and blue light and I must agree. 

4 tomatoes went into the Poly Tunnel, 7 will stay in the greenhouse and I will sell 8.  

I also potted up a load of Aubergines, sown at the same time (January) but they haven't grown as quick in comparison.
The small plants on the left are the Aubergines potted in the same pots the tomatoes came out of. They are tiny in comparison. One or 2 of the tomatoes are pushing 1ft in height with the Aubergines around 2 to 3 inches. All under the same conditions.


  1. Your tomatoes look great - I too find that they really take off once they are transplanted into pots. I'm not a fan of repotting more than once so I actually moved up my sowing date a few years ago so that they didn't get too big before I planted them out.

  2. Those are some big tomato plants! Mine are at the stage now that yours were on Match 8th... are most of them for sale, or for planting in the poly tunnel?

    1. 4 went into poly tunnel, the tunnel is now full. 7 for the green house (keeps). The rest sale. A friend also has a load for me to sell if I want them.

      I'll wait until they are much bigger I think and sell when risk of frost has gone.