Monday, 10 April 2017

Tomatoes are about to flower

Tomatoes are about to flower

10th April 2017
The tomatoes are growing fast. It's been 2 weeks since I potted them up into their final pots and most are pushing 2 feet tall.

The extra light given to them as well as a couple of months of heat can been seen to have made all the difference. Normally by this time I have tiny seedlings still in modules, but now every plant has flowers starting. The flowers haven't opened yet nut they aren't far away!

26th March 2017
This is the photo taken 2 weeks ago.

Flowers 10th April 2017
You can just see the first truss of flowers starting in this photo

Not only that but my broad beans in the poly tunnel have flowers and I watched a couple of Bumble Bees pollinate them yesterday as I was tying them to poles to stop them from falling over.
10th April 2017
These are a little leggy and although started in the greenhouse they didn't get extra light from the grow lamp, none the less, flowers mean beans :)


  1. You are certainly way ahead of me - I've just seeded my tomatoes and am anxiously waiting for them to appear.

  2. I'm way ahead compared to every other year I've done them :) 2 months ahead. I have many many (and I mean 100's) of self seeded ones appearing in the poly tunnel - I will soon pot those up also which have appeared over the last few days.

  3. They look really impressive Andy! Mine are looking smaller than your two photos from two weeks ago.

    1. ....and they are almost a foot taller now :)

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