Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Apples and Plums

Apples and Plums

Back from a canoeing holiday and the first job was to pick some produce ready for the Alford Country Market. 

The tomatoes are ripening slowly, a bumper crop but ripening is a bit slow this year. We decided not to sell any tomatoes as they are so tasty and at present there aren't enough to sell as well as to eat but we did manage to find 5 or 6 courgette and some New Zealand Spinach as well as a load of Pentland Javelin potatoes.

Raspberries were a bit thin on the ground, not enough to sell and nor were the plums because the tree is a bit young and the wasps have had half of them but I did manage to get 4 Victoria plums which are very tasty and keep us hoping for the future with these.

The Apples are becoming ready. One of the trees has produced about 30 lovely looking apples, very crisp and medium sweet but until we dig out some paper work we can't remember what the variety is. The kids love them though. The Apple tree "katy" is also about ready with a similar amount of apples but not harvested yet.

Not all of this mornings harvest by a long way but a selective sample. The Apple tree was 2 years old when we planted it in 2013 so I think to get 30 Apples after 4 years is pretty good.

About 15 kg of harvest this morning.

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  1. Hi Andy, your apples are looking good. I'm getting a similar harvest at the moment, tomatoes, cucumbers and courgettes from the polytunnel and some of the apples and hazelnuts from outside. Raspberries have all finished in my garden. Few blueberries still.