Monday, 10 August 2015


Chokeberry (Black Viking)

I've planted a few different berry bushes to try and see what they are like but the Chokeberry sounded like a good bet. 

One small bush was harvested today, 230g of berries.

They look and are a similar size to Black Currant but the taste wasn't as good, and to be honest not particularly nice. I can see why they haven't taken off but the future may prove them to be good jam making berries.

As far as fresh fruit to eat goes, I've eaten 3 and don't plan on eating another one until next year. Just not worth it.

Black Currants in the yellow container, Chokeberry in the punnets ready to sell at Alford Country Market.

The Black Currants are for Jam.

The Chokeberry is high in antioxidants and according to Wikipedia is made into wine in Lithuania and flavoured tea in Poland. Also used as a fruit in bread and turned into juice. The berries can be used as flavour or a colouring in yoghurt. They are often marketed for their antioxidant properties. They are semi sweet and astringent and the name is derived from the fact that the tannins pucker the mouth like Sloe berries.

They are far better tasting than raw Sloe berries and can easily be eaten raw by people who like things a little sour. They are often used as ornamental bushes.

Dried and used as a tea sounds like a good option.

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