Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Wild Flowers

Wild Flowers

April's attempt at growing wild flowers was only partly successful so I'm having a more concerted effort for this Autumn. April's attempt can be seen here.

The main area that failed was behind the pond where I just cut the grass very short, sprinkled flower seed and then lightly covered with compost:

Today, I have just finished digging this same area over and sprinkling seed because the grass out competed the flower seed. April's attempt produced about 6 stunted Corn Cockle flowers. This time the grass will have a hard time competing with the flowers because the Corn Cockles and Poppies will have a big head start as they will germinate now and be small established plants by the spring.

The same area from two different angles with the Katy Apple tree at one end. The turf has just been cut into squares and then turned over. The other area that I turned over the turf, back in April, ended up working excellently.

A thin strip of turf was upturned to test. It worked so well that I will now dig over the area to the right and expand this bed by 5 or 6 times the size.

This photo was taken when the flowers were probably not at their very best but still very nice

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